Padme AKA Miss Schmoo or The Hamster

The indomitable “Schmoo”! The funny little cleft palate Pembroke I hand reared until she was able to eat and drink on her own. What a delightful sparkplug she was!

September 2014

“Padme” (AKA Miss Schmoo or The Hamster) at 5+ weeks. This is the cleft palate fluffy Pembroke bitch I’ve been tube feeding since 10 days of age. She’s eating hard kibble, biscuits, and is learning to manage water from a bowl quite well despite her handicap. She is clearly surviving with a vengeance!

Question: “She is adorable. Can it be surgically repaired?”

Answer: “It can, but may not need to be. Many cleft puppies adapt beautifully once they get past the nursing puppy stage and live long and healthy lives without repair. If they have a problem with chronic upper respiratory/sinus irritations and infections the surgery is called for. Padme shows no signs of that at this point and is eating dry kibble and drinking water from a bowl now. She has learned to lift her head and raise her nose in the air frequently when drinking so the water doesn’t make her sneeze!